Thursday, March 7, 2013


Dear Family,

There have been a lot of projects around here lately.  Now that Suz is here we have more.  When she was in Arizona, she started a Facebook post called "Sweets by Suz".  Click on this site to see some amazing cookies.  The one on the left is her Pony cookie, "Shutterfly", (something to do with stuff you can find through Netflix) she made for a nieces birthday party.

She does this for businesses who have parties and she places the Logo on a cookie and then traces the outline for the delicate frosting.

The process sometimes moves to the dining room and is quite elaborate.  Here she has a special projector that shoots the picture she is drawing down on a cookie.  This has moved to the dinning room
Here is Suz carefully crafting one of these tasty masterpieces.  (Mom is in the background on her computer).  You need plenty of room to do this cookie art.

Then she carefully traces the outline with fine icing and fills in the color.  They are then individually packed in a little cellophane  pouch and sealed.  Necessary equipment for each stage is required.  

It is a mistake to leave these out too long as our little pack of four and five year olds will take a little nibble from the edge so they do not show too much damage but just enough so you know the little guy mice were there.

Here are the "Hello Kitty" Halloween cookies and each is an individual work of art!

Buzz Lightyear was also a hit.  You have to Look up Sweets by Suz on Facebook to see many more  examples of this cookie art form.

It is fun to see all this going on and the house has a new level of energy.

Way to go Suz, we love you,

Mom and Dad

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