Saturday, February 16, 2013


Dear Family,

Cheryl found a Salt Lake Tribune picture from the Ballet West performance of Cinderella that we went to.  It is a pain that we cannot take photos ourselves as I have some pretty good camera equipment.

But here is Olivia's brief moment on the stage.  She is the one sitting up there on the magically pumpkin turned carriage holding the whip urging the mouse pullers to scoot across the stage.  You had to pay attention to see her.

Even though in this one, their performances were short, the girls had to go to all the practices with the professional ballet company and of course appear in all the performances.  It was stunning  and I was proud of Cheryl's girls who have absolutely no stage fright and relish in the attention and lime light.  Way to go Mary Clare, Lauren and Olivia.

Love, Opa

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