Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Cathy appeared on TV!  She was invited to talk about home internet security about which she is an expert.  Her site is

She appeared on channel 4's "Good Things in Utah".  She talked about internet security and protection from all the internet smut that is awash in our society.  She did a good job but I thought she should have had more time.  Cathy is a TV star now! She of course is the best looking one on the right!

Mom joined the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers and is secretary of the local chapter.  They get together quite often and it was Mom's turn to host them in our home.  Most of the members make a really big deal out of this and Mom was nervous.

They serve a luncheon so Mom decided to make crustless Quiche.  Click on that link to get the easy recipe from Suz's blog.  Mom had the recipie and Suz helped her cut the ham, broccoli and Suz did the measuring.  The Quiches were perfect!!!

Here it is in the oven.  (Notice how clean the oven is!  It was a hit with the ladies.

There were some left over and we had another mini reunion that night.  Roy and Jim Pack were in town and Doug came over, Suz was already here so we visited in my study and polished off another Quiche.  Roy said, "This is the best thing Mom has ever made!"

I did not stay for the luncheon but went with Suz and Cheryl on a power shopping trip.  These gals are fun..they decide how long we stay in a store and set their iPhone alarm to go off when we need to split.  I took them to Cabelas for a short visit and then it was to the new outlets just behind Cabelas in Lehi.  We went to the Le Creuset outlet where they have those enamled cast iron pots that are so expensive and between the three of us, we did much damage.  The alarm went off so out the  door but we found we had a few minutes so it was off to Amerigo, the place where they have inexpensive bulk food and produce. That is a great place to shop!  Well it was an interesting afternoon.

There was one more event I should mention.  Doug invited some Chinese guest to his home.  There was this neurosurgeon whom Doug was training in vascular surgery, Dr. Wang (my age) and his daughter and son in law.  They wanted to show us how to make Chinese dumplings or potstickers.  Theymade 100 - 200 dumplings.

It was interesting to watch.  They were highly skilled and used only chopsticks and a Chinese knife.  It was amazing to see them work the dough, make the little wafers for the dumplings and stuff them.  There was left over dough so they simply stretched it by hand and made noodles for a soup.  Really good!

Well Catherine comes over next week for her Patriarchal Blessing. The guys will have a Father and Sons party at Ricks ranch in the Sierras celebrating his birthday. It looks like all will be there including me. Should be fun.  Next family event will be Oma's valentine party.

Love you all, Opa

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