Friday, December 21, 2012


Al and Paul and baby Charlie came to visit.  The other seven kids stayed home.  Paul has this job with a Salt Lake investment firm and his role allows him to live wherever he wants so it was back to Michigan on a small working farm in Munith, complete with sheep, goats, cows, ducks and chickens.    Paul came out for the business Xmas party and do do some work.  They stayed with us and it was fun.

Here is Al and Mom shredding cabbage for the German  Sauerkraut jug, seen in the background.  We make the best Sauerkraut!  We did about 5 - 6 kg of shredded cabbage and will wait for a month before checking the result.

We went with Al to the new outlets by Cabelas.  There was a La Creuset outlet and I got Mom a large oval pot.  Al had brought a fresh leg of lamb from one of her lambs and she planned a delicious roast.

Mike, Rayanne, Johnny and Jenna, Mom  and I accompanied Al and Paul to the Salt Lake Temple to some work work for Paul's family.  It was special and sweet.  Following this we had the roasted lamb dinner and it was great.  They had to go back the next day,

We had out little missionary groups Xmas party.  The old Swiss Austrian group has been meeting since 1958 several times a year.  We had it at Dave and Ann Wirthlin.  Naturally we had to wear a little of the traditional dress.  We had echt Kaesekuchen as it is made in Switzerland and it was a lovely evening. They give out "white elephant" gifts and I was surprised whn someone got my Sig bottles that Mom secretly wrapped.

Well we are getting ready for Xmas.  We need to get out the cards.  We have been preparing the house for the arrival of Suz and her family who will occupy the basement apartment.  Scott took a job with a Salt Lake Company and he is her now.  Mom has been gutting out.

We may also get a  visit from John and Kaley from Florida.  Suz has to sell her homes in Phoenix but there is a lot of real estate action going on here.

Next event will be the Xmas eve dinner and pagent with several families in attendance.  Lots of fun, lots of joy and there is always rejoicing.

Love, Dad

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